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Del 23 al 25 de septiembre de 2002, en Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, se realizó la reunión "Capacity Building for Academies in Latin America and the Caribbean Region". Este evento fue organizado por el InterAcademy Panel (IAP), entidad de la que nuestra Academia es miembro, y el Académico Titular Dr. Jorge V. Crisci participó como representante. En la oportunidad, se elaboró, y nuestra Academia suscribió, la siguiente declaración, titulada "Rio 2002".

As a part of the activities of InterAcademy Panel, IAP, and associated with the International Council for Science, ICSU, IAP organized a Workshop for Capacity Building for Academies in Latin America and the Caribbean Region, co-sponsored by the Brazilian National Research Council, CNPq. Academies represented were joined by Officials of Governmental Science Support Institutions.

We, the participants of this Workshop, held in Rio de Janeiro, 23-25 September 2002, are grateful to the InterAcademy Panel for the organization and to the Brazilian Government for the support provided.

Furthermore, recognizing that:


  • As established by the World Conference on Science, Budapest 1999, Science, Technology and Innovation are now essential components in the future economic and social development of human society.
  • The rising complexity of national science, technology and innovation systems brings together an increasing diversity of social actors.
  • Science Academies represented in this workshop are independent of government of the other institutions devoted to the creation of knowledge.
  • Science cademies have been instrumental for the development of national capacities in Science and Technology.
  • The credibility of the programs, actions and statements of National Science Academies relies basically on the excellence in science and technology of its members.
  • The autonomy of the Science Academies provides society and particularly government with the opportunity to access independent science-based advice on matters concerning national interests.

We recommend:

  • That all Latin American and Caribbean Academies participate in IAP and start networking within this organization.
  • That Latin American and Caribbean Countries without chartered Science Academies should consider pursuing efforts towards that end benefiting from the Institutional framework provided by IAP.
  • That in addition to providing advice to society and government in matters relating to science and technology Science Academies should be actively involved with science teaching and education and scientific literacy as an institutional goal.
  • That IAP be recognized as an appropriate forum for discussing adequate funding schemes from various sources permitting both the creation and support of Science Academies in Latin America and Caribbean Region.

In addition Scientific and Governmental Science and Technology Support Organizations recognize the importance of the interaction between these Institutions. The national systems of Science, Technology and Innovation will grow harmonically if the specificity and different features of both Institutions are recognized and maintained.


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